1. Ceramic Studio
    Ceramic Studio
  2. Textile Studio
    Textile Studio
  3. Drawing Studio
    Drawing Studio
Henderson Studios​
Point Arena, California

In its quiet 10-acre forest and  meadow setting, our house and the three art studios within are the perfect workplaces for our artistic pursuits. Have a look inside!

Textile Studio
​Jennie Henderson's spacious studio is in our house's Great Room. Five of her nine looms are continuously warped and in progress. Her tapestries and loom-controlled weavings are all of original designs. Rugs, wall hangings, throws, shawls, and scarves are some of the kinds of pieces regularly produced here.                       More
​​​Ceramics Studio​​
Decorative pottery is produced in a garage space that contains an electric kiln, a vintage electric Shimpo potters wheel, a Lockerbie kick wheel, drying shelves, and all the other basic studio equipment. Production is almost all pit fired and black fired pottery. Final wood firing is done in a field beside the house in a fancy brick-lined pit for firing the colorful pots, or metal chambers for the black firing process.                              More​​
Drawing Studio
​Tucked into a cozy room of its own, this creative space is where ideas are hatched and turned into visual expressions. Sketches and drawings are produced here as well as paintings, graphic designs, multimedia pieces, and sculptures. Supplies are in drawers and shelves along with art books, sketchbooks, files filled with notes. There are two door-size easels and a few smaller ones.                                                                  More