Drawing Studio 

"Studios, obviously, are where art is produced. They are also places where ideas are tested. The principle of 'Trial and Error' guides much of the process, backed up by experience and knowledge." 

"Studios are also places were supplies and reference materials are stored ( or piled ). A studio contains ( not always ) the messiness that is part of production."

"Studios are private and personal working spaces, and that's what makes visiting an active studio a different kind of experience. You see the underbelly of art in the making; you get a sense of the creative process; you see more of the artist's life; and all that makes the art itself far more interesting."
"Every new art project seems to have these little enticing side roads that call to me. It is impossible for me to ignore them. I don't want to lose the ideas so I make notes and some sketches enough to pick it up later. Or, I drop what I am doing and go headlong down the unknown. Notes and sketchbooks are part of the process, and every artist has them lingering in their workspace."

Graphite, Charcoal


Rust, Vinegar, Gel Pen

Back Piece 

Folded Art, Front

Click on this portrait of my grandfather to glimpse inside my personal journey in the making of
"Willard at Seventeen." 

 Studio Gallery