Gift Certificates for Local Private Drawing Lessons

Here is another way to boost your budding artist friends and family members for an experience of old fashioned one-on-one drawing lessons in the three studio home of local artists Jennie and Michael Henderson.
Lessons are customized for each student, from deciding when to meet and the lesson length, to the topics to be covered. Their experience will be guided to assure positive progress at every turn.

Drawing is a lifelong activity that improves itself with each engagement. It is important for beginners to get off on a good start free of fears and intimidation, and for old hands to refresh their fading talents, or the casual artist to get a re-boot into new artistic adventures.
How it Works
Our private lessons are currently set at $10 per hour per person. The certificates are also set at that rate but are available at three levels. The $30 Certificate allows three hours of lesson time, good for an introductory experience and at least one hardy session. The $50 Certificate allows five hours of lessons which might be translated into two or three sessions depending upon the subject matter. The $100 Certificate allows 10 hours of lessons, giving between three and five sessions depending upon the student.

Payment can be cash, check, or credit card (or any other agreeable arrangement) which will be assigned to a student as a credit toward lesson time. I will print a certificate with the student’s name, with a set of check boxes for me to sign off the hours as they go. It will be signed by me and put in an unmarked envelope which will then be mailed to you so that you can give it as a gift. 

For more information or to order your certificates, call Mike Henderson at (707) 882-2270, or email him at [email protected] Response should not be longer than a few days.