Textile Studio 

"I have shown my work both locally, nationally, and a few venues in Mexico. I am also a proud recipient of the American Tapestry Alliance Award for Excellence."
"I like to weave with my own hand spun wool from local sheep. I spin from six to ten fleeces a year, which are selected for their color. I prefer not to dye my hand spun, but have the earthy richness of the wools natural color and texture guide my designs."

"One of the joys of weaving comes from the richness of the colors and textures of the fibers and being able to turn them into something wonderful for people to enjoy."
"I began weaving with a small inkle loom making belts, then a small floor loom making scarves and shawls. Now I have over a dozen looms of varying sizes and purposes in our studios' great room." 

"My sister often reminds me that I was tie-dying and sewing shirts and dresses back in my high school days. In fact, she can’t remember a time when I wasn’t expressing myself through some sort of textile art."