Two Drawing Workshops Available 

Venues:   My workshops are available by arrangement. They can be held at our studios, or at other suitable venues. I am willing to travel. Twelve participants is an optimal maximum for smaller venues and still allow for personal attention. Minimums may be considered
Gualala Arts Center has scheduled the "Back to the Basics" workshop for June 8 & 9, 2019, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, and is now open for a maximum 12 student sign-ups!  It will be held in the Gualala Arts Center upstairs classroom. GAC members, $80; Non-members, $95. Register by June 1, 2019. Click below for more information and the required art supplies.
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​​Back to the Basics ​​
Drawing Workshop

Required Art Supplies
The two-day workshop is designed for both intermediate-level artists to revisit and firm up their drawing foundations and for raw beginners to get off on the right foot toward sketching and drawing independence. Through demonstrations, hands-on practicals, PowerPoint examples, and a few basic drawing tools,  you will (re) discover the drawing process, value, light and shadow, negative space, and proportion. Emphasis will be on the reasons behind the basics, the problems of converting a three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional-medium, the interplay of the organics of graphite and paper texture, and pencil control to achieve highly defined details and effects that enhance the appearance of depth.

The goal is for you to add skills and knowledge to your personal resources that will help you not only produce satisfying drawings, but also achieve a greater confidence in your own artistic expression.

Sketchbook Journaling

 Gualala Arts Center has scheduled the workshop for Sunday, May 18, 2019, 9:00am to 3:30pm. in the Memorial Mezzanine Classroom. (Upstairs). GAC members $60; Non-members $75. Sign up by May 11, 2019. Call 707-884-1138 to register. Go to GAC website for more information and required supplies.
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Through hands-on practice, participants are introduced to the fun and engaging world of the small-format sketchbook. I present examples throughout the workshop with the assistance of PowerPoint presentations and live demonstrations of various art techniques using both dry and wet media. Subjects include the types of sketchbooks available, their benefits and uses; the “how to” of various tools; discussion of different approaches to page compositions, sketching practices, and drawing techniques in pen and pencil; as well as the addition of color with watercolor pencils and water-soluble graphite pencils applied using a water brush.

A personal sketchbook journal is simple, useful, fun, rewarding, and life-changing. It is the essential tool for travelers to celebrate their adventures, artists to build up their skills, and planners to organize their ideas. The act of journaling turns thoughts into visual images and language that not only record the moment but also build new and a more accessible memory.
"Trial and error" is the working principle, where “mistakes” are embraced and solutions are never far or few. A form of self-communication, it is not about pleasing or impressing anyone but yourself. It can be formal or informal, neat as a pin or as messy as a teenager’s bedroom, private as a diary or as public as a newspaper. It’s all up to you.

From putting together a grocery list to jotting down ideas on global peace, no idea is too small or too large to fit on the pages of a sketchbook journal. It is the place to deconstruct complex ideas and reorganize thoughts, a place to try out something different, to be daring, to stumble, to reflect, and to change your mind.

You grow along with your journaling abilities through engagement; you can only learn to draw by drawing, write by writing, organize by organizing. A handy cellphone-sized or electronic notebook-sized sketchbook makes it possible for everyone to jot down a thought or to quick-sketch an image while out for a run, sitting in the doctor’s office, riding the bus, waiting in line at the bank, relaxing at a restaurant, or sitting on a bench across from Notre Dame Cathedral.

Let your journey begin!